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Internship: Leads


The offline leads channel is an important channel within the performance marketing team to recruit new customers for the HelloFresh family. On the one hand, we focus on bringing in new customers, on the other hand, we ensure that the customers we recruit stay with us for as long as possible!

During your internship, you fully participate in our young marketing team. Currently, our offline lead team consists of 3 people. No day in the offline leads team is the same. One day you will be busy recruiting new lead partners, the other day you will be the link between an incoming complaint and our customer care. You will also carry out analyses to issue advice about our canceled customers.

We ask you to think creatively about new incentives that we can use for our external partners to increase engagement with the sales agents. You will also be involved in the financial part because of course, the financial administration must also be in order. Together we ensure that you will have a great time within our team.

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